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At the moment, there is no documentation for this project. The code is essentially in a preview stage. Lot's of stuff still needs to be done.

It is being developed in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, and will be upgraded to future releases as they RTM Visual Studio 2010 RTM. The code currently compiles to .NET 2.0 .NET 4.0.

This project has been upgraded to .NET 4.0 so it could take advantage of dynamic typing.
  • It needs documentation (obviously).
  • All the StringBuilder stuff should really be converted to XML stuff
  • It need's cleaner exception handling
  • It needs API versioning support
  • It needs to implement more API functions
  • Unit tests need to be created

Otherwise, it works. I'm personally using it on a public facing project, so...

Oh, by the way: this is NOT endorsed by Microsoft. Unless someone on the Live Meeting team is interested...

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